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Gloucestershire, UK

We were there!

Really good show on Friday Dave....hope you can keep this line up because this was superb.

It was so good and I noticed people were listening & getting into the sounds so much so that, for once, dancing was secondary to the entertainment value 100%.

You ought to make some recording, I can see you going places not just locally. Nice balance too with great vocals, nice organ with new depth, impressive harmonies. Good driving bass and that guitarist: bugger me what a star! And that commanding fellah on the drums so crisp and really driving the whole cabboosh.

Just about one of the best bands I have seen in  a long long time.

Fantastic Gig from Local Blues Heroes Route 61 at the Swan last night. A musical masterclass with rock solid rhythm section, cool vocals and the incomparable Phil Harris on lead guitar. 

It was a really good gig. Route 61 are such a tight band. The world and her husband was there and everyone had a great time.

Congratulations on a great performance in Wotton on Saturday night. Fantastic lead guitarist, excellent singer and the others in the group also of very high standard. A terrific rocking night.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for playing on Saturday. There has been so much positive feedback about you, from the 'incredible band' to the 'brilliant musicians in Route 61'...